What began as an event organised by the Tag Meir student body – to clean and restore the Muslim cemetery on Mount Zion – (whichwas vandalised)- became a show of humanity shared by three religions.
The Jewish students were joined by members of the nearby Dormition Church, German tourist volunteers and Muslim volunteers from the Dajani family.

Now we are raising money to help guard Mt Zion Cemetery from desecration! 
Can You Help?? Every penny counts – press here to make a US$10 donation>> http://bit.ly/Tag-Meir-Project-en
The cemetery is located at the heart of Mount Zion, just outside the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem. Mount Zion is holy to Judaism, Christianity and Islam: King David’s Tomb, the Last Supper Room and a Muslim mosque are all in the same building. The repeated attacks against the Christian and Muslim holy sites in the area are attacks against coexistence and we will not let this continue!
Funds raised will help keep the cemetery safe by:
1. Assisting renovation efforts and essential maintenance of the cemetery.
2. Collaborating with the Tag Meir “student chapter” at Hebrew University to clean the cemetery and conduct tours at Mount Zion.