The Name "Tag Meir" was coined in response to the name Tag Mechir, Price Tag. In recent years, a small percentage of extreme right-wing settlers have chosen to respond to what they perceive as discrimination against them by the Israeli government by performing acts of violence and desecration against Arabs, Christians and minority groups in Israel and the territories. The settlers label their attacks Tag Mechir, Price Tag, with the intention of sending a coercive message to Israel's government: this is the price you pay for failing to support our cause as we see fit.

Our Grassroots Supporters
Tag Meir seeks to transcend religious divides, enlisting support from across the Israeli spectrum, from secular through Reform and Conservative to Orthodox and Ultra-Orthodox.
Tag Meir is the umbrella organization that runs a coalition of partnership with a forum of 48 organizations and institutions in Israel, from the social justice-focused New Israel Fund to Jerusalem's religious and cultural institution Beit Avi Chai. Our partner organizations help to direct the work of Tag Meir, and to publicize its events, many of which are held at short notice following racist attacks.


Democratic Values in Israel Today
Tag Meir sees the battle against racism as also a part of a campaign to support democratic values, and the very traditional Jewish values of loving our neighbours and justice for all. Whatever their politics, the majority of Israelis oppose acts of violence against innocent people who are being used as pawns in a political fight that has little or nothing to do with them.
Tag Meir's work extends well beyond responding to Tag Mechir. In 2012, following the riots against African refugees in South Tel Aviv, the home of Eritrean refugees in Jerusalem was fire-bombed. Tag Meir organized a protest nearby and helped the family with material support. In 2012 an Arab teenager was lynched Jerusalem's city centre for no reason other than being an Arab. Again Tag Meir protested nearby.

Our Actions on the Ground
Tag Meir offers these Israelis the chance to voice their opposition and publicize it to those who need to hear: the victims, Israel's government, the general public, and the world beyond Israel who care about what happens here.
We hold hundreds of demonstrations, meetings, vigils and activities throughout the year.
Our groups pay condolence visits to victims of terror and violence, we repaint over racist graffiti, we offer material support to religious places defaced.
We hold meetings with politicians and decision makers to end incitement and rhetoric that is inflammatory
Representatives of Tag Meir are frequently invited by the national media to comment on racially motivated violence and destruction.


• Dr. Gadi Gvaryahu: Representative of Yod Bet B’Heshvan.
• Tammy Gottlieb: Representative of The Conservative Movement.
• Rabbi Yehiel Grenimann: Representative of Rabbis for Human Rights
• Rabbi Andrew Sacks: Director, the Conservative Movement
• Attorney Elad Kaplan: Representative of Realistic Religious Zionism
• Rahel Kessel: Representative of Netivot Shalom–Oz Shalom
• Yael Yechieli: Representative of Shatil
• Noa Mazor: Representative of Kol HaNeshama Congregation
• Tzahi Mezuman: Representative of The Reform Movement
• Sara Miriam Representative of the Zion Community
• Lily Halperin Chair, ‘Truth’ Center for Tolerance